Why the World Would End Without Sensei Eileena

We do a profile while in the lyrical dojo of

Sensei Eileena

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“Empty Emotions (Prod.by TIS)”

“Dear Summer”

Sensei EileenaClick here for full Album “Layers”


Natalio – The Healer

Friend and guest of the podcast, Natalio was cool enough to let us toon her up.

Recently diagnosed with MS, she undergoing a journey that’s expanding the limits of a stout heart. If you have an extra buck or two to donate, it would certainly appreciated as every little bit of help will go a long way.

8 Facts about Asabi that will keep you up at night!

#016 Asabi Niambi


My sister and I stay up super late brainstorming and playing creative mental exercises. Join us…if you dare!

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**that odd indoor veggie garden




  • Intro – Down in the Hollow (solo)  Shannon Thompson
  • Outro – Twitch Nova Twins

#010 Conspiracy Theories with Ant & Henny

010 pic

Secret societies, celebrities, prohibitions and tragedies. Today we cover a broad spectrum as we take a thought experiment ride into the realm of Conspiracy Theories with today’s guests Ant and Henny.

****Explicit Language**** 

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