DragonCon/ Dreamhack – Post Wrap

Just a quick follow up following all of the fun from DragonCon and quickly go into much of the fun and myrrh everyone got to have. Also stick around for the one panel I was able to record with myself and S.M. Hillman @ DreamHack talking about diversity in games/RPGs


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Why the World Would End Without Sensei Eileena

We do a profile while in the lyrical dojo of

Sensei Eileena

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sensei 1

For more music follow below

“Empty Emotions (Prod.by TIS)”

“Dear Summer”

Sensei EileenaClick here for full Album “Layers”

DragonCon Pre-Game Show

Hanging out with veteran cosplayers and attendees Methot, Kelly, and Snyder as we get get ready to play some tabletop D&D while dishing out some tips and factoids to those looking to have fun at the upcoming DragonCon 2017


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Natalio – The Healer

Friend and guest of the podcast, Natalio was cool enough to let us toon her up.

Recently diagnosed with MS, she undergoing a journey that’s expanding the limits of a stout heart. If you have an extra buck or two to donate, it would certainly appreciated as every little bit of help will go a long way.

8 Facts about Asabi that will keep you up at night!

#016 Asabi Niambi


My sister and I stay up super late brainstorming and playing creative mental exercises. Join us…if you dare!

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**that odd indoor veggie garden




  • Intro – Down in the Hollow (solo)  Shannon Thompson
  • Outro – Twitch Nova Twins