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Probably thinking about tacos…..or painting tacos, I don’t know


I love working with people, talking to them, but most of all being able to put their imagination into something that is tangible, something they can show others and be proud of. My number one goal is to give my friends something that will spark a conversation, and will drive passions.

In the past it has always been something I did in my free time, but eventually I realized that I wanted more. I had the passion and the desire to do it. The time came when I was not satisfied by anything but my art. I recognized that the days of 9 to 5’s were not for me and that I wanted more. However I never thought I would get this close. I see now that I just needed to clear my plate and focus and then I could create what ever was asked of me.

Currently I am a freelance commission artist and host of The Envisionarium Podcast. The podcast is centered on talking to other creative and interesting people I have the fortune of meeting and working with. However my true goals are to work with creatives of all types – produce original books, design apparel to complement my characters, and create other novelties all of which I hope will bring you an extra bit of joy in your life


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